Breaking news: Confederate & Union troops approaching Marshall

Local officials have received reports that Col. Shelby's Iron Brigade could be headed toward Marshall.

The southern cavalry unit has been causing havoc for the federals all along its route through southwest Missouri, and according to the latest reports, the riders were headed toward Boonville.
Whether their course takes them into Saline County remains to be seen, but Union commanders are sure to respond to Shelby's brazen attacks soon.

Sponoring unit: The 2nd Missouri Infantry CSA, Company K

The 2nd Missouri Infantry was organized Jan. 16, 1862, as part of the Missouri Brigade. The regiment served in numerous battles, from Pea Ridge to Shiloh to Atlanta, but the unit was finally defeated in a terrible battle -- referred to as "a carnival of death" -- at Franklin, Tenn., where it lost 60 percent of its troops.

Update: Some fire restrictions, firearms & artillery OK

UPDATE Tuesday, Sept. 10: Marshall Fire Chief Tony announced Tuesday that Marshall is under a fire advisory. For the reenactment there will be no ground fires in the park. Charcoal fires in commercial barbeque grills or the park picnic grills, and Coleman camp stoves will be allowed. Muskets and small arms may be discharged during the battle and at the parade. Cannons may fire during the battle and do a night cannon firing demonstration. Cannoners will have a bucket of water handy. The Marshall Fire Department will be present during the event case of a grass fire.

Elliot's Scouts

Elliot's Scouts

The name is derived from the actual cavalry scout unit under the famous General Jo Shelby, who clashed with Union Gen. Egbert Brown at the Battle of Marshall and who famously never surrendered at the end of the war.

The company accurately demonstrates Confederate and Union mounted and dismounted cavalry, bushwhackers/guerillas, Missouri State Guard and Missouri Enrolled Militia (Union).

Collins Battery

Collins Battery B represents a Confederate Artillery Battery that was attached to General Jo Shelby during Gen. Sterling Price's raid through Missouri in 1864.
The unit has one complete full scale, full bore 12-pound Napoleon artillery piece with limber and one complete full scale12-pound Mountain Howitzer with limber.

Take the Bus!

Parking is free! Transportation is free!

Buses will be making runs from four parking areas. We hope everyone will take advantage of this service. In an effort to avoid traffic congestion and still make the event conveniently accessible to spectators, there will be no spectator parking in Indian Foothills Park during the event.

Second Saturday: Guerrillas and guerrilla hunters in Missouri

Who were the hunters, and who were the hunted? In Civil War-era Missouri, the question may have dominated the daily lives of residents.

The Second Saturday Series of presentations marking the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Marshall will continue at 2 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 10, when Marshall Public Library, 214 N. Lafayette Ave. in Marshall, hosts author James Erwin.

Organizers step up pace of preparations for battle recreation

Two reenactors from the Missouri Medical Brigade participate in the field hospital reenactment April 13 in Marshall.

MARSHALL, Mo. -- After hosting 11 events in nine months, Battle of Marshall 150th Anniversary Commemoration officials have concluded the Second Saturday Series of presentations with the July 13 event.

Commemoration leader Connie Grisier said efforts would now focus entirely on final plans for the the main event: the battle recreation to be held Sept. 14-15.

The battle recreation will be held in conjunction with Santa Fe Trail Days, sponsored by Marshall Chamber of Commerce.